The sauce-marinade for grilling

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This marinade is definitely suitable for any meat and fish dishes, cooked on the grill. It can also be used for frying sausages, vegetables, mushrooms of many years of sauce / marinade for grilled dishes. This sauce can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks without loss of quality and taste.

Ingredients for The sauce-marinade for grilling

Step by step instruction of cooking The sauce-marinade for grilling

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Put all ingredients of sauce in a jar (1 litre) or bottle, close tightly.

Shake several times until a homogeneous consistency.

Pour meat with marinade during cooking on the grill, a grill, a skewer (or a pan in the oven).

Not to salt the meat! The sauce is quite salty because it contains soy sauce.

Шаг 2

As an option – soak skewers in the marinade for half an hour, serve the marinade as a sauce for ready-made dishes, brush made in the grill meat, turn it several times while cooking and again to moisten.

Also the sauce can be thickened with corn starch – add to the cold sauce 1 tbsp corn starch and, stirring, heat to the desired degree of thickening (principle of cooking the jelly).