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Cupcake chocolate vartiety

Cupcake chocolate vartiety

Favorite cake from multivarki. Always lush, fragrant and very beautiful colors. A particularly valuable quality - when immediately after the signal you open the lid, nothing fits, even if still not fully cooked!

Cooking time 60 minutes Number of servings8

Ingredients for Cupcake chocolate vartiety

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Step 1

Mix in a bowl where we will knead the dough, semolina, raisins and cottage cheese with yogurt or sour cream. If yogurt and sour cream a little, you can dilute with water the amount of sour cream that you have to get a glass of liquid. Leave for 1 hour.
Then add flour, egg, sugar. In a separate bowl put the jam, add to it the cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, stir until smooth. Then sprinkle the top with a spoon of baking soda and quickly stir (not a mixer). Jam all the foam that we pour into the batter and mix everything. I always do this process by hand, but you - how convenient. The batter is about like sour cream or slightly thicker. Pour it in a greased with sunflower oil pan and put on the "Cakes" (45 to 60 minutes, depending on what your slow cooker).
At the end of the process check with a toothpick or a match readiness test. This should be done in the middle of the cupcake, is that it is in the center does not have time to grilled. If you are not ready, turn it over and put another 15 -20 minutes.
I have elaborated on turning the cupcake because tend to be well baked without turning casseroles and not very thick cakes, but this cake is very fluffy, so maybe just not grilled. You can simply add time, but not the fact that the bottom will not burn.
Especially delicious this cake still warm with milk or tea for that matter! Bon appetit!

It is the process of turning baked dishes if need be, or just taking out. At the moment of photography at hand, there was no plates, which I usually use, so the course went cap round trays. Pre-need "pass", slightly podawa in a circle our cakes with a spatula, which comes complete cartoons.
Cover previously removed is put into a saucepan, take the left hand over the edge of the pan (the hand in the mitten or towel) and... Up! turn the saucepan.

Step 2

Cupcake in hand. However, with what we took out, put on the table, the top is the blend steamer and turn on her the second time. Now, holding the bottom right hand steamer, which is muffin (now soggy side up), top dress up a cupcake pan, being careful not to touch the hot surface of the hand, and turn over all together.