Pie Extraordinary

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Inspired by bread recipes for the beer (all the cooks thank you very much), I decided to bake this cake and at the same time to dispose of sausage and meats remaining after the festive table.

Ingredients for Pie Extraordinary

Step by step instruction of cooking Pie Extraordinary

Шаг 1

milk+flour+yeast, knead the dough and allow to rise

Шаг 2

When Opara rises, add the beer, egg, salt, sugar, flour and knead the dough not sticking to hands and stand in a warm place to rise.

Шаг 3

fry the onion with the sausage

Шаг 4

boiled potatoes, meat (meats) and eggs chop and mix

Шаг 5

divide the dough into 4 pieces and roll into a thin pellet

Шаг 6

on the first tortilla spread half of sausage with onions and cover it second, then put the potatoes, meat and eggs, and the third the remaining kalbasu with bow

Шаг 7

cover 4 bread and make incisions, cutting through the whole cake, put in oven preheated to 50 gr., to the batter is a little come, for 10 minutes, then bake at 180-200 grams. 30-40 minutes

Шаг 8

about 15 minutes until cooked pour sour cream with herbs and dopekat until tender

Шаг 9

pleasant appetite