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Omelet in a slow cooker

Omelet in a slow cooker

These eggs always get pyshnenky and not fall off even when cooled. Recipe created by long searches on the Internet. Prior to this I was unable a lush omelet in the pan, or even in the oven.

Cooking time25 минут Number of servings3

Ingredients for Omelet in a slow cooker

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Omelet in a slow cooker

Step 1

Cut tomato and pepper, throw into a saucepan multivarki, add a little oil, switch mode "CAKES" and fry for 5 -7 minutes.

Step 2

While frying, break the same size of eggs, trying to keep one of the halves remained Zelenka. That's it, and measure out the milk at the rate of one egg one half egg shells of milk.

Step 3

Mix salt, pepper, add (the following ingredients - if available), finely chopped greens, green onion, a little grated cheese, sausage, ham or boiled meat. All gently mix with a fork or whisk until smooth, and IN ANY CASE NOT BEAT! Here this is the main mistake in the preparation of the lush scrambled eggs in whipping. In these canteen-kindergarten omelets this mixture, which was prepared with buckets, the nobody kicked up, and just whisk stirred, it turns out fluffy omelet.

Step 4

Add our mixture to the fried ingredients and quickly but gently stir with a spatula. Leave to bake for another 15 minutes, then open the lid, hook on all sides with a spatula and take out with the help steamers.

Step 5

If you want scrambled eggs without any additives, you just need to pour a little oil and warm up on the "Baking" for 5 minutes with lid on, then pour the mixture of eggs and milk.
Write so much detail because I know many of multimarochnaya omelets don't work.

Step 6

Here are the main criteria of a lush omelet:
1. The ratio of eggs-milk 1 egg - polsterlucke milk (ml. count is not accurate because the eggs of very different size).
2. Onlynow the mixture is not whipped!
3. Slow cooker (as, indeed, with a pan or a baking sheet) before pouring the scrambled eggs to be warmed up. In our case this is achieved by roasting the vegetables.

Step 7

The omelet in the picture made from 5 small eggs (how many), and if 6 -8, will be magnificent. If eggs 8, the minimum baking time - 20 minutes, and then I can still move my posredinke if raw - even more 5 minutes will be baked. If you cook, as sometimes advised, 45 -50 minutes, comes out dry and rubbery, and soft, melts in your mouth. Bon appetit!