Roasted garlic and garlic oil

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All brilliant - easy! It seems to me, this phrase just comes to this recipe. A minimum of effort, and you have a great addition to almost any dish. But let's take first things first.

Ingredients for Roasted garlic and garlic oil

Step by step instruction of cooking Roasted garlic and garlic oil

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Garlic clear from the husk and gently parting the teeth, you can, of course, and broken, but entirely overdressed.

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Coat the head with oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Understand why oil? So our spices stuck on the garlic, otherwise it will slide and the desired result, and the effect will be. Put garlic in bowl, cover with a lid and into the oven for 20 minutes at 180-200 gr. There is no pot? No problem! Take foil, wrap garlic, several heads, and in the oven.

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Twenty minutes later, our dish is ready!
It is, of course, you can just cook without salt and spices, but the whole point is that when you eat the roasted garlic, for example, with pilaf, you take a clove and suck out the contents and grab the salt, spices, and mouth is a extravaganza of flavors.

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But if you have roasted garlic, make garlic Oil: squeeze the cloves into a dish or mortar, pound with pestle or fork, adding salt to taste, remaining spices and herbs, a little oil. Transfer to a jar.