Bread soup with whipped cream

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Probably, in each family there are times when you don't know where to use a little bit of dried bread. It is possible to make a delicious dessert. I shall give your recipe, but, slightly altering it every time to enjoy new tastes.

Ingredients for Bread soup with whipped cream

Step by step instruction of cooking Bread soup with whipped cream

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Rye bread dried in the oven to crackers.

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Then fill with water for a few hours until tender.

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Grind soaked bread through a colander to avoid lumps. Sorry no pictures, was fascinated by the process. Add the water in which the croutons were soaked (to the consistency of sour cream). Sorry for the photo quality. The sun came out so shiny.

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Prepare the fruit: wash, let it rip.

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After that, put on fire a saucepan with the bread mass, bring to the boil. Add to prepared fruit. Cook on low heat 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally. At the end of cooking add citric acid.

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Leave the soup to cool. Whisk the cream (sour cream) with sugar. The soup is served cold, decorate with whipped cream and fruit.
Bon appetit!