Crispy sea bass - the bass

93 - 20 минут 3 порции

Juicy fish (sea bass) and, thanks to the method of preparation, all the juiciness stays in. Yum and language swallow!

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Ingredients for Crispy sea bass - the bass

Step by step instruction of cooking Crispy sea bass - the bass

Шаг 1

Clean the fish thoroughly wash, cut into serving pieces. Cut the skin in order to avoid bubbling over when frying. Dip each piece in lemon juice, take out and hold for 10 min. to popitalsya. Salt each piece.

Шаг 2

Coat each piece in flour

Шаг 3

Then whisk the egg and dip in it a piece of fish. At the end of the coat in breadcrumbs

Шаг 4

Fry either in deep fat or in hot oil in a frying pan, turning during cooking.