Beef in soy sauce for 25 minutes

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This dish is my lifesaver for several years. My family love beef, and it is 2 hours, and after work this time not physically. This recipe I suggested to my friend cook. Meat is cooked quickly, taste is not melting in the mouth, and not hard. Retains the maximum nutrients. In the finished dish taste of soy sauce is practically not felt. After appearing in the family this recipe I stopped cooking the Stroganoff, because it takes a lot of time. So well marinated and the beef medallions. My husband calls it "restaurant beef flavor". If you're interested - go.

Ingredients for Beef in soy sauce for 25 minutes

Step by step instruction of cooking Beef in soy sauce for 25 minutes

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Meat cut across the grain into thin slices of width 1.5 cm and length 4 cm (like beef Stroganoff). The thinner the slices are, the faster the meat is cooked. This step I forgot to take a picture.
To put in a container for marinating, better high, as I have.

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Pour soy sauce so that it completely covers the meat. Leave to marinate in the fridge for 3-4 hours, preferably overnight. I usually marinate the night, and the next day after work cook.

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Onions and garlic cut into small cubes.

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Fry them on high heat until transparent. If you want spicy meat, slice hot pepper rings and fry together with onion and garlic. This time I would do without pepper.

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Add the marinated meat together with soy sauce and mix with onions and garlic.

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Cook over high heat 15-20 minutes, stirring at first until the meat to let the juice, and then cover with a lid. If you want to add in the stew water. Usually the meat pushes out enough juice, but if You want more gravy, then the water will not interfere. As well water adjust the taste for salt because of taste preferences for salt are different.

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After 15 minutes the dish is ready. Serve with any side dish or vegetables.
Cooking time may still depend on the quality of meat (beef or veal). But even the old beef stew not more than 25 minutes. The main thing not to overdo, otherwise the meat will be "collapse".
On the basis of this recipe can be prepared not only ordinary meat, but something more refined, but with the condition that it is cooked at once. Just add chopped large pieces of bell pepper and cucumber (2 x 2), and continue to simmer for 1 minute on top. In this case, the dish should be served either with rice or with fresh vegetables.
Bon appetit.
PS the same way you can marinate the pork. Sometimes I am for a change so marinated beef medallions.