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The daughter said that nothing tastes better "Snickers" did not eat. ( ( Well how is that? ( ( The grapes we have now is cheap, its nuts... decided to make her "Snickers", but only the Georgian - natural, tasty and nutritious treat. PS. Girls Georgian women (well, boys), correct, if not entirely authentic it turned out. But I tried...

Ingredients for Churchkhela

Step by step instruction of cooking Churchkhela

Шаг 1

The grapes for juice, I took the class "Isabella," it is very fragrant, sweet and juice, it makes a very dark color. To obtain juice from grapes is easiest, of course, through the juicer. But I have such a miracle of technology there, so just ran the berries in a blender and strained, rubbing through a sieve. If we are really tight with grapes (we have a season for three pounds paid 100 rubles), take the finished, packaged juice, but the taste is, of course, is quite another. Three kg of grape juice I got almost 2 liters.

Шаг 2

Prepare the nuts. I have a mix of walnuts and hazelnuts. Smash them into halves or quarters, but not smaller otherwise you will not be able to use the string. Leave hazelnuts whole. With quite a tight, strong thread and needle make here are nut beads.

Шаг 3

Now, the most pleasant. Dip the threads strung with nuts in syrup, pritupova them with a spoon. Raise into the pot, wait a bit, to drain excess ground and suspended in the previously prepared place (I was hanging ajar the oven door on hooks out of paper clips. Can a normal hanger for this case to adapt). Be sure to put under churchkhela, baking tray or put baking paper!

Шаг 4

This procedure must be repeated several times, increasing the grape layer. When I dip the last thread first has been slightly drained and hardens, you can wait a couple of minutes and start the process to dipped, raised, a little glass hung. I did three times. If grape juice will remain, sprinkle in there substandard small pieces of the nuts and place in tins from chocolates.