A La terrine of herring with Borodino bread

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"Herring are known to all. I will say even more: the few not in love with her..." by A. Dumas. Join the statement of the great gourmet and chef. We love this product especially fiery luboff!!! Herring cream turned out delicious-tender, melting in the mouth. Well, and in combination with Borodino bread... m-m-m-m, "the ears will not drag"!

Ingredients for A La terrine of herring with Borodino bread

Step by step instruction of cooking A La terrine of herring with Borodino bread

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First we need to prepare the herring mass. Herring fillets soak in milk or tea, then cut into cubes.
The onions and Apple add a similar size and shape. Season the ingredients with sour cream and preroute in a blender until smooth. Now it is the turn of butter, whisk it with a blender until creamy and add to the herring mass. Oops, pozdravlja-VLA, the most delicious You have already done.

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It remains very simple. With Borodinsky bread, cut the top and cut the loaf crosswise into cakes with a width of 1 cm.

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And now the "trick", the most interesting. Cakes brush the herring with cream and "glue" the loaf back. Wrap the loaf in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 2 hours. Let her get comfortable with her new status and condition. Sorry, the relevant picture got lost somewhere. This photo further cuts.

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Well, all of you! Ready "terrinches" cut along the loaf. Grease a piece of herring remaining cream. Finish the gastronomic picture with grated egg yolk,half of the protein, green onion and red caviar. And-and-and... voluptuous cheers and slight chewing on the verge of indecency, I guarantee You! Bon appetit to You and your family!