Ginger marmalade

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Marmalade from the word "marmalade" - like a thick jam, which in Spain is traditionally made of quince, and in France and some other countries of oranges. I propose to Your attention a variant of quince, orange and ginger. Turns out marmalade is thick, aromatic and very warming due to the ginger. Perfect for flavoring baked goods, sauces, and just a tea in the chilly autumn weather.

Ingredients for Ginger marmalade

Step by step instruction of cooking Ginger marmalade

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To prepare the products: orange peel, a small piece of rind to leave, to remove from it a peel, ginger peel, cut into thin slices, quince, cleaned of core and skin.

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Peeled and sliced ginger, orange zest and quince to break a blender until smooth.

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In an enamel bowl, combine water, sugar, our, potatoes and cook low heat for 20 minutes.

Шаг 4

Remove from heat, slightly cool and again to break a blender, more convenient, of course, manual. Or you can wipe through a metal sieve.

Шаг 5

Return to fire and cook another 20 minutes, pour into prepared jars. I got exactly 500 ml of jam.