Zrazy "The Hen"

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Were my grandparents and they had Kurochka Ryaba. We all remember this story and how it ended, but... For the contest "the King of peas".

Ingredients for Zrazy "The Hen"

Step by step instruction of cooking Zrazy "The Hen"

Шаг 1

Pan flew up on the table, stood up. Chicken it beans from the pack poured out, flooded with water and an hour left. Then the pot on the stove, climbed up, firewood also came to the stove, climbed up, his grandfather set fire to them. Is pan on the stove, the beans it is brewed, and she was puffing in pleasure.

Шаг 2

Cutting Board lay on the table, hen it parsley shredded, onion finely chopped and olives. Board from the tickling only laughs.

Шаг 3

Baba favorite Cup took, decided it sauce to make my own. Yogurt poured black pepper add, garlic (2 tooth.) squeezed from lemon juice. Mixed and in the cellar was removed.
To the meatball.

Шаг 4

Meanwhile the beans are cooked, the pan into a colander turned upside down. A colander under a bucket of water stood, the bucket overturned, the beans are rinsed and in a bowl subsided. Tolkuchka flew up and let beans Lambada dance and her crush. When all was properly dented, hen back the onion, parsley, 1 egg, pepper and added the remaining garlic squeezed. All mixed.

Шаг 5

Was the chicken mince cakes to do and quail eggs quail in the gift brought them to stack. The second pellet covers and zrazy forms.

Шаг 6

In one plate, the egg broke, the other the breadcrumbs poured. Zrazy in the egg roll, then in the bread crumbs and the frying pan with boiling oil fall. One side will be searing on the other turn over.