Cheese cake with nuts

74 - 45 минут 8 порции

Spicy pie for the whole family! Very flavorful, hearty and delicious!

Ingredients for Cheese cake with nuts

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheese cake with nuts

Шаг 1

Cut the butter and melt, but not boil! I do it in the microwave, which is convenient and fast. Melt the butter sugar, salt and soda.

Шаг 2

Add the cheese, egg and flour. Stir it carefully.

Now prepare the filling: grate cheese on a coarse grater (I used cheese 50% fat and 45% fat in equal proportions), add the egg, sour cream, crushed nuts and herbs to taste.

Шаг 3

The dough spread in the form and shape of bumpers. On the dough spread the filling and sprinkle the top with sesame seeds.

Шаг 4

Put in preheated oven for 30 minutes. When the cake is browned, turn off the oven and give the cake to get another 10 minutes. All! Can be eaten warm or cold. Very tasty!