Amsterdam aerial cake of rice

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Dutch Housewives do not love to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, however, they jealously ensure that all meals served were tasty and well combined with each other. If You have a similar situation, may I suggest You to prepare Amsterdam vkusnymi pie with rice.

Ingredients for Amsterdam aerial cake of rice

Step by step instruction of cooking Amsterdam aerial cake of rice

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Holland is different...
sometimes rousing, sometimes funny,
sometimes like a flower - a fantastically sweet,
but everyone knows that IT is a bright country!

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Cooked rice, divide into three parts. One portion of rice spread in a greased form.

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On top of the rice spread a layer of herring fillets (I had canned).

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The next layer - tomatoes. Repeat layers.

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The top layer of the rice pour the lightly salted cream, put some pieces of butter, sprinkle with grated cheese and put the cake for 15 min. in the oven for baking. For pie it is advisable to make a green salad. The ingredients indicated at 2-3 servings.