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Cream 35 % fat

Cream 35 % fat

I am facing one problem. Mommy is 50 years old, had to prepare a cake. Found a wonderful recipe for chocolate-preshool odnogo cake. But the problem was that the ingredients saw cream 33 to 35% for whipping. And we have these on sale there, the fattest 30 %. But we are not accustomed, and here is a recipe from the forum. say7 from Rashi and Katyusha-Django. Thank you, girls, huge!!!

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Step 1

In milk, three grated butter. In a water bath proverjaem the mixture until complete dissolution of oil. Milk in any case should not boil, just warm up well.
When the butter is melted, put the mixture in a blender (with knives!) and turn on for 3 minutes. At this stage the milk and butter should be blended together.
Pour into another container and cover it. Put in the fridge for 8 hours.
All the cream is ready, it is now possible to beat.

Step 2

I have had no problems (the girls had), most importantly to use high-QUALITY butter and a blender with knives.

Step 3

Now skim milk can be whipped with sugar or use according to recipe. I did it with a mixer, very easy and simple. The main thing - to stop in time, but it can happen again oil.
As soon as I zagustel to the desired consistency, stop whisking. Girls, step by step photo will be when I have time to cook, do not think the prescription to put.

Step 4

Girls, I apologize for the photo quality. But here I want to show how thick the cream is turned out of these cream.

Step 5

In any case, the photo of the blender knives.