Fat grill

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Were we visiting quite wealthy, had a barbecue in the yard... And now, suddenly, we learn that the main meat dish will be BACON!.. My husband and I were a bit perplexed... the Owners made a bowl of prepared lard, and... in short, we are no longer perplexed, and sought out, there was not yet of the piece). Fat in a flash evaporated from the grill!

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Actually My fat... in cold water. Soak a paper towel. Cut into pieces a La carte (and here as you like - we love the not-too-fatty pieces, so I cut into pieces with a thickness of about 5mm).
In a small bowl mix salt, peppers and seasoning. I was ready, especially for fat. Then generously sprinkle the fat this spice mixture, pressing down slightly.

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Stacked plump slices of bacon in a container for marinating.
I have this time, this dish was planned, so I pickled the day before the hour "X")). Stood the bowl in the refrigerator. But often I cook it "hastily" and marinate for an hour or so))).

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Garnish this time we had baked potatoes recipe tutoshnih of cook))). Just cholesterol boom we had on the table))). But sometimes, especially if the howling winter chilly wind, and next to the plate flaunts a glass of good vodka))).
Enjoy your tea... and the warmth of the family hearth!)))

Highly recommend this dish under any pickles ;-). In my case, it was spicy green tomatoes. :-P