Jam orange peel

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New year is coming - orange-Mandarin new time. Offer rind from oranges are not thrown away but to cook from her fragrant, beautiful and delicious jam. Rolls of orange peels are great and on the table in a vase and a glass of strong tea. In addition, cut in thin slices, the rolls turn into transparent amber curls that you can decorate a dessert or cake.

Ingredients for Jam orange peel

Step by step instruction of cooking Jam orange peel

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Oranges thoroughly wash, pour over boiling water (to wash off the wax, which is applied to the orange is not spoiled during transport) and cleaned any way You want. I cut the peel centre so that I got two hemispheres. Then cut each hemisphere in half and each part an additional three strips.

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If the orange Conakry, the inner part can be left if tolstokorov - remove a little from the inside, so curls it was easier to wrap and they were careful. My oranges were with thin skin, so the inner white part is not filmed - photographed for sample.

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Roll each piece of peel in a tight roll and strung on a string, as beads. The thread should pull more tightly, so that the curls are not unfolded. Pour orange beads with cold water. The water changes two to three times a day. Macerate the peel need 3-4 days, until then, until the peel is tender and no longer taste bitter. It is even convenient - you can add the peel as eating oranges, so the period of soaking can be extended for two or three days. Then peel boil 3-4 times for 15-20 minutes, each time changing the water. After each provarivanija rind need rinse with cold water. I did very simple - boil the kettle and scored in a bowl of cold water. Have proverila first time - the beads put in a bowl with cold water in a saucepan poured fresh hot water again and put in the peel. And so a few times.

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So - peel from 3 oranges (200 grams), 300 grams of sugar, 400 grams of water, (as a gag - chopped into small pieces ginger root weighing 10 grams) put into a saucepan and cook until lightly thickened syrup should be quite liquid, like after cooling on a very liquid honey. Citric acid is added before removing from heat. Threads are removed after cooling jam. Pour into a clean jar. The output was a little more than 0.5 litre jars. How much is stored - can not say. I have a jar of jam stood at room temperature for a week.)) Very quickly eaten.))