Chicken Breasts stuffed with homemade sauce "Pesto"

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In the eve of new year holidays, many are in search of holiday recipes. Share! And that NG is quite nice - beautiful, delicious and quick recipe, what you need in the new year's eve!)))

Ingredients for Chicken Breasts stuffed with homemade sauce "Pesto"

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken Breasts stuffed with homemade sauce "Pesto"

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First prepare the Pesto sauce.
Pine nuts gently fry on a slow fire, stirring constantly. Look carefully, these nuts tend to burn quickly))).
Basil wash, dry, cut the leaves (for the sauce we need only (!) leaves).
In a blender put Basil leaves, garlic (squeezed through chesnokodavilku), grated cheese, nuts, pour the oil.

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All whisk until homogenous. Season with salt to taste, blend again, to try to salt if it needs more salt you need.
It can be prepared in advance, because this sauce is easily stored in the refrigerator for 1 week.

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Now our Breasts (I mean chicken), prepared quickly and easily, especially if the sauce be made in advance.

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In a bowl, combine 4 tbsp. Pesto and 4 tbsp of cream cheese.
Fillet wash, dry paper towel, season with salt and pepper.
A baking dish greased with olive oil, put the fillets and with a sharp knife, carefully make an incision on fillet in the middle (not cut through), so we get pockets.

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Fill pockets with cheese mixture. Sprinkle the top with olive oil (a little), sprinkle with the breadcrumbs.
Tomatoes divided into 4 parts, put around chicken, season the top with dried oregano, to sprinkle with olive oil.
To send the form in an already heated oven to 180 gr. for 20-25 minutes.
In my case, 20 minutes, 25, I think it will be too much.

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Remove from the oven, sprinkle crushed pine nuts (or hard cheese such as Parmesan) and serve immediately while hot. Baked tomatoes is a great side dish for these "pockets".