Italian soup "Minestrone" with meatballs

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Light vegetable soup with frikadelki from the veal! The recipe is taken 2 years ago from some magazine (do not remember what) and I loved the ease of preparation and unusual taste. We have a few options of soup with the same name, but my they are a little similar!

Ingredients for Italian soup "Minestrone" with meatballs

Step by step instruction of cooking Italian soup "Minestrone" with meatballs

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Such products for our soup. Pepper is better to take red to the soup was brighter. I have tomatoes not cherry, as usual only smaller.

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To fire put a pot of water. Carrots cut into small cubes (about 0.5 cm), zucchini and pepper cut into cubes of about 1 cm. finely Chop the onion.

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First sent to obzhivatjsya the frying pan with the carrot, after 2 minutes, the peppers, after another couple of minutes the zucchini. Sauté vegetables until soft, about 10 minutes more.

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In boiling water, lay the sauteed vegetables. Minced salt, pepper and form small frikadelki (without the addition of eggs, bread, etc.). Quickly fry the meatballs until it will turn brown 3-4 minutes and throws it in the soup. Fry the onion separately, in the last turn, add to the soup. The soup is seasoned with dried Italian herbs (oregano, Basil, etc.), fresh parsley. (From the moment of laying the vegetables until tender and the soup should be cooked about 15-20 minutes, not more, otherwise the squash will fall apart into a mess).

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The soup is poured into plates, add tomatoes, parsley. Ready! Delicious and easy soup "Minestrone" with an unusual squash flavor variety to your daily menu! Soup is great for summer, but winter is also good!