Tomato soup with cheese crust

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I want to offer you a recipe for a quick delicious soup. Prepare it for many years. And, despite this, sweep it very quickly.

Ingredients for Tomato soup with cheese crust

Step by step instruction of cooking Tomato soup with cheese crust

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Just want to say that this soup I was dropped at the beginning of my appearance on the website. But there is no step-by-step pictures and cheese. Therefore, the old recipe will ask the girls to remove.
So, bacon (or another meat, sausage) and onions cut into cubes (not very large) and fry a little, shall we say, until Golden brown state.

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Juice pour into a saucepan...

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+ all the corn along with the liquid, which is in the Bank...

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+ onions with bacon...

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Bring soup to a boil. Add salt to taste, pepper and spicy herbs. I use Basil. All the soup is ready.
Here is the moment. If you are using fresh herbs, then it is added directly to the soup.
If dried or frozen, then add it to the pot of soup and let simmer just a minute.
This is the basic version of the recipe. I cook most often. Soup can be poured into a bowl, add sour cream and herbs (if fresh).

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... we have soup with a cheese crust.
Here, too, there are two options: actually, with cheese crust and cheese, but without the crust...
So, if you want a soup with just cheese, take grated cheese and sprinkle on top the soup right in the bowl.

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Put in microwave for 2-3 minutes or until cheese is melted.
In this embodiment, the melted cheese just mixed with tomato soup. But it will be also very tasty.

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But... if you still want the soup with the crust, then do so:
pour the soup into a serving plate (a pot, etc.), cut off a piece of bread so that it was about the size of your dish (pot etc.) and put on top. We fall asleep grated cheese.