"Mushroom salad"

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Want to share a recipe very tasty and easy to prepare salad. This salad should appeal to fans of cheese and mushroom dishes. My mother "Mushroom salad" preparing for 20 years. This is my favorite salad on the holiday table. It can be used as a "namazyvaete" for tartlets, canapes, stuffed eggs etc Can someone come in handy this simple and delicious recipe.

Ingredients for "Mushroom salad"

Step by step instruction of cooking "Mushroom salad"

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The salad can be made almost on one, two, three!
First: boil dried mushrooms (pre-soak them) and grind them through a meat grinder. (I love it when mushrooms slightly more than specified in the recipe, it gives the salad the bitterness. ))
Second, the onion finely chopped. If your onions are "evil", I recommend scald it.
Third: grate cheese on a medium grater.
Mix the ingredients, season with light mayonnaise.
Bon appétit!

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With the upcoming holidays! All happiness in the New year!