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Latte (Latte macchiato)

Latte (Latte macchiato)

Latte (aka latte macchiato) is a milk beverage based on espresso. Prepared with foamed milk and consists of three layers: milk, coffee and milk foam. It has a delicate taste of milk, served in a tall glass or Irish glass with a spoon for foam.

Cooking time- Number of servings2

Ingredients for Latte (Latte macchiato)

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Latte (Latte macchiato)

Step 1

To start, brew strong coffee in a hot spring coffee maker, I used a coffee brand Lavazza D\’ORO (100 % Arabica).

Step 2

Next, put warm milk in the special milk coffee pot (to heat until the milk start to form foam).

Step 3

Milk remove from heat, cover Turku and gradually begin to whisk, until the formation of a strong and high milk foam.

Step 4

Combine coffee with sugar, 50 ml of the brewed coffee need approximately 2-3 teaspoons of sugar, stir the coffee until the sugar is dissolved in it.

Step 5

Milk is poured into glasses (about 2/3 Cup), then gently on the wall to pour coffee.

Step 6

Need a latte to drink without mixing layers, and be sure to pour into transparent glasses. For aesthetics you can decorate the top with grated chocolate or make a pattern with a gently spilled coffee milk foam.

Step 7

To use hot, as during cooling may sits herself milk foam.