Hungarian vegetable salad "Károlyi"

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To assist in the selection of beautiful salads I want to tell you one of my favorite recipes from the cookbook the Hungarian cook károly Gundala. In a large Hungarian family of the counts Károlyi was a politician and scientist, and the President of the Republic of Hungary and writer, and a large landowner, and military commander. In honor of which of the counts Károlyi named this dish — unknown....

Ingredients for Hungarian vegetable salad "Károlyi"

Step by step instruction of cooking Hungarian vegetable salad "Károlyi"

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Soaked white beans to cook in advance is recommended. Potatoes (not crispy!) boil in their skins, peel, cut into thin slices.
Green pepper remove seeds, scald the tomatoes and remove the skins, salted cucumbers clear and all is also cut into thin slices.

Hard-boiled eggs cut into slices, 6 equal slices eggs and some nice green lettuce leaves aside for decoration. Green salad shred. All products are well cool.

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To make a thick mayonnaise and add the listed spices.
Boiled beans drain in a sieve, gently mix with the rest

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and all pour mayonnaise (salad should not be too liquid!).

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Serve the salad "Károlyi" I recommend cold, garnished with sliced boiled eggs and green salad and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.

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This salad is suitable for almost all meat dishes but can be served as a separate dish.