Wild duck on the grill

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My neighbor, a Turkmen, and at home wild bird - a common dish on the table of her family. Knowing that a wild bird has a VERY peculiar smell, you can cook it, not everyone does. She taught me the recipe, which is the whole smell and taste is gone forever! And poultry meat turns out juicy and delicious. This dish can be prepared from any wild ducks: the Mallard, pochard, Teal, tufted duck, long-tailed duck, Pintail, etc. All highlight one ingredient and prolonged training.

Ingredients for Wild duck on the grill

Step by step instruction of cooking Wild duck on the grill

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Next, marinate the meat for a couple of days. Yes, on a couple of days! For a long time, but the result is worth it. Pour meat spices and stir them in with relish duck: black pepper, rosemary (dried twigs), Basil dried, cumin (10 seeds), oregano, dried, garlic minced, garlic from the garden boom, chilli (I have dried too), fresh ginger (also dried or powder), coarse salt to taste, Apple cider vinegar, can any to your taste (to marinate like kebab), I put, when the season of fresh vegetables (large chunks tomatoes, peppers, eggplant), vegetable oils and the main ingredient is sesame oil. The thing is expensive, use it only for game. Pour about 1 large duck 2 tbsp.