The soup of red fish

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This soup is my kids all prefer the first dishes. With natural dressing (I never cease to thank Mrs. Kasia for this idea), prepared from vegetables grown in the country, this soup is very useful for our kids! Stage of the competition: "Nutritious lunch".

Ingredients for The soup of red fish

Step by step instruction of cooking The soup of red fish

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Honestly, this delicious soup we eat as a family, so I cook it in 5-liter pot. The ingredients of this calculation. So. Pour into 5-quart saucepan 3.5 liters of water, bring to a boil, put the fish, bring again to a boil, remove the scum, add salt and cook on slow heat for 40 minutes. Remove the fish and allow it to cool (to remove pits).

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While the fish cools, finely shinkuem cabbage.

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At once, the very first launched into the broth. Let it cook a little longer, as I have winter cabbage varieties.

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Peel and cut into small cubes the potatoes. Also launched into the broth followed by the cabbage. And leave to cook on slow fire for 20 minutes.

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I could not resist and added a bit of chopped parsley, despite the fact that it is in the dressing. Put the parsley in the soup my mother taught me, she gives the soup and the soup a special taste.

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Of fish carefully remove the bones (the trout is very small), we divide it into small pieces and put in soup. Add the Bay leaf and cook on low heat for another 40 minutes. Soup needs a good protomoteca, potatoes should be soft after boiling and the cabbage to become soft.