Rice porridge with strawberries for dessert

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Cooking for loved ones is always nice, and when the moment presents itself a reason to file a regular meal nicely, with a gentle word and a smile. It is a holiday for the soul! In my family, for Breakfast I love porridge. One of my favorite is rice.

Ingredients for Rice porridge with strawberries for dessert

Step by step instruction of cooking Rice porridge with strawberries for dessert

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So as tomorrow to make a festive Breakfast you can not, then decided that moment to move today.
Wash rice and boil with milk until a viscous condition, add sugar and salt to taste.
Boil for 5 minutes, and then put on medium heat to simmering.
Here in this dish is very well revealed aroma rice "Jasmine" when the stage of cooking went, the figure began to unfold in all its glory, and in combination with milk is just a fairy tale.
In the end he added literally at the tip of a knife vanilla just to add flavor, but not to interrupt in the direction of vanilla.

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While the rice was cooking I took 100 grams of strawberries, filled 30 g of sugar and on slow fire began to brew and grind silicone spatula to the state of jam, it took 5 minutes.

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The knife sliced walnut.

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Very tasty, I recommend!