Chicken roll with olives

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Want to offer you a roll with unusual, but very tasty and spicy filling.

Ingredients for Chicken roll with olives

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken roll with olives

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Same with towels to lay out the strudel on a baking sheet, greased with vegetable oil, place in a preheated 200 degree oven and bake until Golden brown, about 30 minutes.

One more thing, I usually make a stuffing of cock and a piece of lard, it turns out quite juicy, the stuffing was just chicken and was a little dry, roll more suited for cold snacks, and not for a hot meal. So you can decide what roll you want to get in the end. By the way, with the stuffing we sometimes make pancakes.

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In chicken forcemeat add finely chopped onion, egg, salt and pepper.

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Mix thoroughly.

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Eggs cut into small cubes.

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Olives cut into 4 parts.

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To combine and mix the eggs with olives.

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Now the most basic. Take a clean, new towel and thoroughly wet it with cold water, wring out and spread out on the table. Put on it the stuffing wide, what length we want the roll.

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For stuffing put the stuffing, but from the far edge to leave a little free from the filling room to the roll is well sealed.

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With a towel gently, but, if possible, tight twist roll.

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Here is the twisted roll.