Carp "Chrysanthemum" sauce

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Delicious and intricate version of the feeder fish on the festive table. Guests at the table don't have to fight with fish bones! And many did not immediately understand that this is a fish dish. Restaurant dish at home.

Ingredients for Carp "Chrysanthemum" sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Carp "Chrysanthemum" sauce

Шаг 1

Fish to clean, gut.

Шаг 2

Cut off the head, tail, fins (keep them in the freezer to cook Bouillabaisse in Rostov).

Шаг 3

Detachable fillet sharp fillet knife.

Шаг 4

Get 2 fillets.

Шаг 5

Now prepare the sauce. Bell pepper cut into large cubes, stalk celery and pineapple slices. I used half bell pepper 3 colors, 13-15cm. petiole of celery, 2 rings of pineapple and frozen carrots. If using canned pineapple, be sure to drain the syrup.

Шаг 6

All sent on a heated pan, adding vegetable oil. Fry quickly, stirring constantly (sauce can be prepared in WOG).

Шаг 7

Tomato paste diluted in 500 ml of water. Add 2 tbsp sugar, salt. One teaspoon of starch dissolved in 3 tbsp cold water.

Шаг 8

Pour tomato sauce into the pan. Let them boil and boil under a cover on slow fire of 10-15 minutes. Then add 3 tbsp of rice vinegar, diluted starch and a little chili pepper, allow to boil and the sauce is ready!

Шаг 9

Let us fish. Each fillet cut in half (get a 4 piece, 1-WMD per serving). A sharp filet knife, make incisions on the fish with a width of 1 cm, without cutting the skin.

Шаг 10

It turns out like this!

Шаг 11

Now the prepared fish fillets with salt and roll in cornstarch. It is important that the starch has penetrated into every cut.

Шаг 12

Fry the fish in oil at 160-170 C. Not passivate fish. Fry for 7-10 min wait in a small pot, otherwise you get the chips from fish (though still cool).

Шаг 13

Fish frying is folded in a roll, spreading the fillets like chrysanthemum petals. Very nice! After frying, place the fish on a paper towel to stack excess fat.

Шаг 14

And now serve. A piece of fish, top with sauce and fresh vegetables on a plate. Garnish is not required. Better put a separate bowl of sauce. Sure someone will reach for more.

Шаг 15

Today, the sour-sweet sauce, tomorrow creamy mushroom (shiitake for example), the day after... Create)))

Шаг 16

The pieces of fish easily separates with a fork. This fish dish will not create problems for your guests at the table. About bones do not worry. Notching fillets, we cut the bones into small pieces and deep-fried they lost their evil power to shoot up and get stuck in all the wrong places.

Шаг 17

The site has a similar recipe "Carp "Protein". But I have another sauce. Not served fish with head and tail (many who want to Tinker with the head on the holiday table?). Fillet processed and cooked so that provides a "disclosure" without clumping. I think my version is "right to life"))) Hope You like it.