Chicken with secret

74 - 60 минут -

Very tasty chicken, it turns out that will be a perfect addition holiday table or family dinner!!! Will delight and surprise guests!!!!

Ingredients for Chicken with secret

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken with secret

Шаг 1

to carve the carcass of the chicken (remove the chest, ribs)

Шаг 2

Grate on a coarse grater cheese

Шаг 3

Put the mushrooms

Шаг 4

Top with sauce or ketchup

Шаг 5

Make the egg pancake and put on top (whisk 2 eggs and fry from two parties)

Шаг 6

Tape the edges Packed with hen and fix them with toothpicks

Шаг 7

Coat chicken with mayonnaise and ketchup (with spices for chicken and garlic). Put the chicken in the sleeve for baking and fry until cooked.

Шаг 8

It turns out that such juicy, fragrant and delicious chicken!

Шаг 9

Cut into pieces and enjoy its unusual taste!