Muffins with currants and cream

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One day my daughter decided herself to prepare lunch. I immediately warned her that she will do everything myself (only mixer I don't trust). Once we were done with our sweets, as she said, "Mom, come on now again cook the cupcakes!" Although we only ate two! So, dear moms, our children need freedom of action, let us give it. They are much more talented than we think...

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Ingredients for Muffins with currants and cream

Step by step instruction of cooking Muffins with currants and cream

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Every mother dreams of a proper child. So of course, I have used the desire of a daughter to cook, and forced to write the recipe.

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Turn the oven on 180*C.
Prepare the batter: softened butter mixed with 1 tbsp. sugar, eggs, baking powder, vanilla. Knead, I almost whipped with a mixer, then sift the flour and quickly knead.

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Molds grease with vegetable refined oil. Very fun! We got 10 large and 6 small cupcakes.

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Put the dough in molds at half the volume. From the top to push the dough 5-6 berries of red or black currant.

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Move all on a baking sheet.

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While baking, draw or write...
Mexicam allow to cool 20-30 minutes.

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Sift and measure powdered sugar for the cream.

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Squeeze the juice of black currant.
Cream I did myself with a mixer: beat the butter, add the powdered sugar, then cream and juice.

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The cream is ready, cupcakes have cooled.

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First, I showed you how to decorate.

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Husband gave on March 8 my heart dear suitcase with accessories and bag. Had to try out!

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Then the daughter began to create a miracle.

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Good luck, patience and love for children!