Mushrooms in Korean

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This recipe I told a friend cook Prunella and making time mushrooms for this recipe, I make them constantly now! Since the recipe is simple and the result very tasty! Maybe You'll appreciate!

Ingredients for Mushrooms in Korean

Step by step instruction of cooking Mushrooms in Korean

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Mushrooms boil in salted water for 20 minutes.

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Mushrooms recline in a colander to glass liquid.

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Make the marinade: in vegetable oil, add soy sauce, chopped greens, garlic, hot pepper, cumin, Bay leaf, Apple cider vinegar, ground coriander and stir.

Шаг 4

Sesame fry in a dry frying pan until Golden brown.

Шаг 5

Add sesame seeds to the marinade

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And stir.

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To the marinade add the mushrooms, stir. Leave for 12 hours in a cool place.

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The food is ready!