Easter chocolate eggs with "Tiramisu"

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Approaching a large and bright holiday - Easter! The main treat table on this day is the Easter cake and painted eggs. Try to offer for dessert are also eggs, but not simple, and chocolate eggs stuffed with Tiramisu. This is not a classic recipe for Tiramisu, one of the options of cooking and serving!

Ingredients for Easter chocolate eggs with "Tiramisu"

Step by step instruction of cooking Easter chocolate eggs with "Tiramisu"

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First, we need to cook "the yolk": blend the jam in a bowl, add the butter and a little heated. Mix well and put into the fridge for easy freezing.

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Then whisk the cream with powdered sugar until stable peaks.
To a cream, add the mascarpone and beat again until a homogeneous lush mass.

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Now for chocolate eggs. To start of you need to chill, and then with Choco-eggs must be cut off the top. This is best done with a hot knife. If it is a crack, glue - brush it on the inner side with melted chocolate and refrigerate.

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Cookies Savoiardi in our case you need to chop.

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Now the Assembly: Choco-egg, put a layer of biscuits, then cream and so repeat one more time.
If the dessert is for adults, cookies you can sprinkle it with coffee or any alcoholic beverage to taste.

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Then a little sliding in the middle the cream and add a "yolk" jam with butter. Put in the fridge to harden before serving treats to guests!

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Bon appetit!
Note: the chocolate eggs are better to use cheaper, because they have denser and more durable walls, and they do not melt as fast as expensive.