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Cake Favorite

Cake Favorite

Very beautiful and delicious cake. Your beloved will appreciate your creation.

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Ingredients for Cake Favorite

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cake Favorite

Step 1

Mix the flour with sugar and salt. Enter eggs, add sour cream and mix thoroughly. Add soda, slaked vinegar, stir, divide the dough into two equal parts. In one, add the chopped nuts in the other and cocoa, stir. The form for baking grease oil, sprinkle flour and pour one part of the test. Bake until tender two layers, cool them.

Step 2

From thick paper cut in the shape of a heart, as close as possible in size to the diameter of the cakes. Place the template over the cake and carefully cut the heart out of both cakes. Pruning smash into small pieces, add to bowl and sprinkle with wine.

Step 3

Prepare the cream: boil the milk is very thick and sweet porridge. Cool with constant stirring, to form a film. The cooled semolina mash with scraps from the cakes. Then put on a flat dish, the "heart" of the cake with cocoa and evenly DAB it a few tablespoons of wine.

Step 4

Then put on the cake with a thick layer of stuffing with scraps, cover nut "heart", slightly moistened with wine. Cover all the remaining part of the cream and garnish with chocolate or nuts.

Step 5

You can melt the chocolate in a water bath and to write them:"I Love you".

Step 6

Bon appetit!