Pear pudding with Apple cider gravy

122 - 60 минут 4 порции

Pears and apples contain valuable nutrients and trace elements. It is an ideal fruit for baby food.

Ingredients for Pear pudding with Apple cider gravy

Step by step instruction of cooking Pear pudding with Apple cider gravy

Шаг 1

Milk bring to boil, add semolina, salt and cook porridge.

Шаг 2

Yolk mix with cinnamon, plums. oil and lemon juice.

Шаг 3

Protein vzbit with sugar.

Шаг 4

In the slightly cooled porridge add the egg yolk and stir. Carefully enter the protein.

Шаг 5

Pears peeled and cut into very small pieces, if pears are hard, it is better to grate. In form, greased, put layers of pear, porridge, pear porridge. Pear - the first layer, mess last. Put in a steamer for 20 minutes (in the oven).

Шаг 6

At this time, prepare the gravy. Apples are cleaned, cut into pieces, pour water, cover and cook until soft. Wipe with water through a sieve, add sugar and boil 10 minutes.

Шаг 7

Ready, slightly cooled pudding and spread on a plate and pour the gravy.