Flavored oil, dry white mushrooms

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Do these experiments for the second week. I invite you to follow my example.

Ingredients for Flavored oil, dry white mushrooms

Step by step instruction of cooking Flavored oil, dry white mushrooms

Шаг 1

First bought a small bottle of oil to dry the white mushrooms, it was very convenient to add to meals when cooking or in salads. And then I found on the Internet numerous recipes. Conclusion: the exact proportions are not, who writes 20 g mushrooms 200 g butter, who is just a handful of measures. Grass rekomendovali to take dry garlic (can give the mold).

Шаг 2

Nothing complicated: take a clean jar and vegetable oil without taste and smell add a handful of mushrooms. Stir. Put in a dark, dry place for two to three weeks. After a week the smell is incredible. But oil still not the real thing. Then, if necessary, filter, pour into sterilized bottle and stored in a cool dark place.
Mushrooms from the oil, practical Germans used then as directed.