Dessert of grape juice "Pelamushi"

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Here is my virtual lunch is about to end. Comes time for dessert. This dessert is old-old and very natural, consists of only two components and is as close to the conditions of urban life in the twenty-first century

Ingredients for Dessert of grape juice "Pelamushi"

Step by step instruction of cooking Dessert of grape juice "Pelamushi"

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Probably everyone at least once heard the word "facilities", and many have tried this wonderful treat (Larisa-stall has a great recipe here http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/607 19/). Pelamushi is a shell of churchkhela. But churchkhela, which is done in Western Georgia. What's the difference, you say where it's made? Big. In the East, specifically in Kakheti, the heart of the churchkhela is made from walnuts, Oreja, in the West of hazelnuts, Kakhetian churchkhela dipped in grape juice made with wheat flour (it is even called differently- "Tatars"), Imereti - in the corn. Kakhetian churchkhela solid, heavy, very rich (she jokingly called Kakhetian "Snickers", and no wonder - churchkhela great energy, there is a lot of glucose, and walnuts in ancient times was called food for thought, and includes a lot of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals), in appearance and to the touch it is smooth. Imereti - sleek tonkonogy, easy and rough. What unites them is that both are made not from fresh grape juice, and Badugi. Badugi is a sort of concentrate, a strongly reduced grape juice, the sugar content in which extremely high. Badugi drink without diluting is not everyone's strength.
So, pelamushi are cooked not only for the churchkhela, but also as a dessert, cook it is very simple, taste great, can long be stored in the refrigerator and, as govoritsa one is, "kids love it"! And not only children.
Since hardly any of you are at home, an extra jar badge, I for purity of experiment, prepared pelamushi on the purchase vinogradnoi juice and more sweets added a bit of granulated sugar. However, I have no great copper cauldron standing on a tripod over the fire and my pelamushi will not give a smoke, as from Imereti grandmother, but still very tasty
You should not cook pelamushi in an enamel saucepan, a spoon is better to take wooden

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Half the juice in a saucepan, in another bowl, dilute it in the cornmeal, making sure no lumps

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The juice in the saucepan, put on fire and bring to a boil, add a little sugar. When the juice boils, pour it in the other half of flour, while constantly stir, it would be good to have a close aide to the process was continuous

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Cook like custard, stirring all the time, until, until thickened and no flour smell disappears. It will take 10-12 minutes. Ready pelamushi of holding the mold in the process of cooking prozrachniy, but not until the end

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Hot pelamushi pour it into bowls or on plates, moisten with water and sprinkle coarsely chopped nuts. You can do without the nuts, or can take any other