Mini-casseroles of sago with salmon

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My first acquaintance with barley sago happened a couple of weeks ago in the store. Bought for the sake of interest and not lost! Ready resembles sago, rice, and pasta at the same time, only structure is more silky. I made from sago here are some great mini casseroles. Very tasty and tender it turned out. These casseroles are very compact, they are great to take along to work or on a picnic.

Ingredients for Mini-casseroles of sago with salmon

Step by step instruction of cooking Mini-casseroles of sago with salmon

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First of all salmon, cleaned of skin and bones, cut into small pieces and marinated in a mixture of gocity and soy sauce.

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Cooked sago for a long time, 30-35 minutes, in the middle of cooking I topped up a little water and stirred. In the end he added some butter and stirred. Delicious, mouth-watering gruel. I say welded, this barley resembles the consistency of rice and pasta. Its characteristic odor from sago no.

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To prepare molds for baking, if necessary, lubricate them with oil on the bottom of each muffin put a little grated cheese (I had shredded Parmesan). Cheese is melted, will harden and form a sustainable bottom.

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Then put boiled and cooled sago, forming a hole in the middle.

Шаг 5

In deepening put a piece of salmon.

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Greens finely chop, mix with eggs, cream, slightly prisolit and shake well.

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Pour creamy mixture of pudding, sprinkle with cheese, bake in preheated oven 170-175 degrees. about 20 minutes take Out the casserole with silicone blades when they are slightly cooled.