The yogurt sauce and soy sauce with roasted peppers

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Unusual? Yes! But tasty and useful! The sauce perfectly complements meat, vegetable and fish dishes. I want to offer you as an example, a recipe for baked peppers with this sauce: it is suitable as an appetizer and as a main dish!

Ingredients for The yogurt sauce and soy sauce with roasted peppers

Step by step instruction of cooking The yogurt sauce and soy sauce with roasted peppers

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To prepare the sauce flour fry in a dry pan until Golden brown.

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Mix the flour with yogurt. I used yogurt Valio, it is ideal for sauces, salads, etc. Also add finely chopped garlic and herbs, butter (2 tsp) and soy sauce, kikkoman (3 tbsp). Mix well and leave to infuse. The sauce is just excellent, such a sour taste. I advise you to try!

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While infused sauce, cook the pepper. Cut the pepper in two, remove seeds. One part cut into cubes, and the second whole you bake on a dry pan. Green onions cut into small rings

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Fillet cut into strips, fry chicken until cooked and pepper to taste. Then add to the pan all the prepared foods - bell pepper, green onions. Mix thoroughly, then pour 3 tbsp of soy sauce kikkoman. Fry for a minute, then remove from the heat and leave the stuffing in the pan for a few minutes.

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The filling turns out very juicy and tasty, put it in the pepper and pour the resulting sauce with yogurt and soy sauce.

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Also serve the sauce separately in a gravy boat. AND... BON APPÉTIT!

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