Soufflé of pike under vegetables

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Very tender and juicy dish from a pike!

Ingredients for Soufflé of pike under vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Soufflé of pike under vegetables

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First, you need to turn on the oven and cook the fish. It is desirable that the pike was not very thawed, otherwise it will be difficult to separate from the bones. Rinse fish with water and dry it. Start to decorate the pulp better from the ridge and the skin is better to remove at the end. You then cut the flesh into small pieces.

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Next you need to put the fish in a bowl, add salt, pepper, zest and mix well.

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Protein from the eggs should be whipped to a froth and add to the fish.

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Mix everything carefully. If necessary, you can blend it in a blender. Then the fish put into the cold for a few minutes.

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Then, you should very tonenkie chop the onion half rings and marinate in vinegar.

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Tomatoes and pepper cut in very thin rings.

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In a bowl, pre-lubricated with a drop of olive or other vegetable oil, put all the ingredients layers.
1 layer of fish.

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2 layer - pickled onions.

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3 layer - pepper.

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4th layer - tomatoes.

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The remaining yolk from the egg mix and spread it over the top layer of food. Sprinkle with the spices.

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In a pre-heated oven to put the dish, covered with foil. After 20 minutes, remove foil, sprinkle with herbs and send in the oven (fire better turn down) for another 15 minutes.
The dish is ready! The smell is simply awesome!