Dumpling soup with the Caucasian accent

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Do not throw Slippers! In this recipe, on the one hand nothing special but on the other hand, is pure improvisation, which I once made for myself, but it's so delicious that I wanted to share my idea with the cooks.

Ingredients for Dumpling soup with the Caucasian accent

Step by step instruction of cooking Dumpling soup with the Caucasian accent

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Bring the broth to a boil and throw khinkali. Boiled khinkali quite a long time, 10-15 minutes, because the skin of the dough is very dense, and they are large enough (approximately 3 standard dumpling). While khinkali are boiled, one or two cloves of garlic chop with a knife first, then add the herbs and chop together with the garlic, then add salt and grind it all with a knife. Thanks to the salt, our mixture will give the juice and flavor from garlic, cilantro and dill will be in the broth.

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Pour the broth along with khinkali in a bowl. You can add boiled chicken, but it would be a lot. Season soup with freshly ground black pepper for flavor and red pepper for spice. Add our fragrant green-garlic mixture and mix well! Bon appetit and do not judge strictly!