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Beef in Hebrew

Beef in Hebrew

An interesting preparation that have been shared by my ex-roommate from Israel. The meat just melting, tender, juicy, and gravy mmmmm, try the following: a minimum of product, but the result is...

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Ingredients for Beef in Hebrew

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Beef in Hebrew

Step 1

Ingredients: beef take, naturally, not old or veal

Step 2

Slice the beef medium (not small) pieces.
Fill with cold water for 15 min.
At this time in the casserole fry the onion (onion and meat is taken in equal proportions).
Pour cold water and immediately pour boiling water for 10 minutes.

Step 3

Our onion fry until Golden brown.
Drain off the hot water and meat without adding liquid to the onions.
Cook without lid, stirring, until evaporated juice.
As soon as the juice evaporates, it turns onion porridge.
Now constantly stir and fry the meat until browned, so as not to overheat.
Salt, pepper, fill with water so that the meat is covered on one phalanx of a finger, add peppercorn and Bay leaf and stew until ready.