Cold beet soup with pickled beets

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Recently found the recipe for a great summer soup. Although it is called soup, but in fact the hash, using the most delicious marinated beets. As this soup is not called, but in the heat of summer a plate of this soup will cool fine and will saturate, leaving a feeling of heaviness. Dear cooks, all with the come of the calendar summer! Let it be warm, Sunny and good!

Ingredients for Cold beet soup with pickled beets

Step by step instruction of cooking Cold beet soup with pickled beets

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In advance to marinate the beets (see my recipe "Salad of marinated beets, arugula and oats").
Boil 3 eggs and seafood. Cool. Eggs clean and separate the whites from the yolks. Put the yolks in a separate bowl, the whites and crush with a fork in a deep soup plate.
To the yolks add chopped onion, mustard. Grind everything into a smooth sauce.
In a separate bowl mix 100 ml of yogurt, black pepper, red and salt. Stir sauce and yogurt.

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To proteins add sliced cucumbers, radishes, and parsley.
Add seafood mix and pickled beets.

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All mix and fill with sauce.

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Yogurt can be diluted with cold mineral water or crumble the ice and pour the whole kefir. Salt to taste.