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Salmon, fried in batter of

Salmon, fried in batter of

I love the fish, especially salmon. Although my male he's a little tired. So every time invent something new. Taste fried in batter. Salmon in a container to take snacks on nature.

Cooking time 35 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Salmon, fried in batter of

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Salmon, fried in batter of

Step 1

Fresh salmon was cut into steaks and marinate (salt, sugar, herbes de Provence, Bay leaf, black pepper ). The next day steaks washed with water and dried with a cloth.

Step 2

For the batter: boiled eggs rubbed on a grater.

Step 3

Sprinkled sesame seeds

Step 4


Step 5

Grated cheese I had, and I cut slices of cheese.

Step 6

Added sour cream, a little salt, pepper,

Step 7

Olive oil and messed it up. If the batter too thick, add a little milk.

Step 8

Steaks on all sides rolled in batter

Step 9

And put fry in a heated, dry frying pan dry cooker. Normal pan with oil.

Step 10

Steak fry one side without a lid,

Step 11

And another under the hood. With fish and batter drain fat and oil.

Step 12

The first batch of fish is ready. The time specified in the recipe only for making batter and frying fish.

Step 13

The fish was served with boiled potatoes

Step 14

Sauce - ( water + 50/50 milk, soft cheese, heavy cream, corn starch, salt, black pepper, Bay leaf, dry bartuska, turmeric).

Step 15

Bon appetit! :-)

Step 16

Pre-slightly pickled salmon is not even bad! *THUMBS UP* For a snack is great. *DRINK* the Main thing not to overdo. *JOKINGLY*