Garnet bracelet with game

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Love the salad "Garnet bracelet", but I always something was missing in it. Dad brought me the meat of the elk. But with him, I decided to make a bracelet!

Ingredients for Garnet bracelet with game

Step by step instruction of cooking Garnet bracelet with game

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Game meat (you can substitute beef) boil for 2 hours on low heat. For a taste of a little potseluem. Pre-boil the potatoes, carrots and beets. For the salad cut all cubes, as taught by mother)
First, grind the boiled potatoes. Pepper, salt (a little!) and cover with mayonnaise. Make a good choice. Spread on top of sliced meat. Pepper and cover with mayonnaise.

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Next a layer of chopped carrots. Salt, pepper, mayonese!

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For the next layer take apples, peeled and three on a coarse grater. Mayonnaise is not covered. Next a layer of chopped beets. Cover with mayonnaise and...

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Serve! Bon appetit!