Homemade sausages chicken

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Awesome homemade sausages: very tender, juicy, and diet.

Ingredients for Homemade sausages chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking Homemade sausages chicken

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I got a 1.2 kg chicken thighs (6 PCs). To separate the meat from the bones and skins. From this number, turned out only 5 sausages (about 2 servings). My husband had a sample, but you proportionally increase, if you need more. With the breast, of course, less hassle, but I think it will be dry.

Chicken meat cut up very fine. And you can twist, but I prefer when the pieces of meat in the sausage.

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Guts took the same and the same neat. Here the picture is placed, what they look like before soaking in water. Technology training is the same: to rinse from the salt, filling the intestine with water, soak 2 hours, rinse again. Guts is ready to use.

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To chopped meat add salt and pepper to taste. Add cream, a tablespoon of mustard to put. I took the one that was in the fridge - Veres, perhaps, with the addition of horseradish. All mix well. Leave for half an hour to soak.

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Fill the intestine with the resulting meat. Try when filling to let the air out of the sausages. Due to the fact that the stuffing is runny, the sausages are soft.

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Put the water to a boil, when tiny bubbles appear on the sides of the pan, put sausages in there. Do not allow water to boil. Stand 20 minutes. Armed with a thin needle and carefully viewed the sausages on the subject of bubbles. As soon as we see under the shell of the bubble, gently pierce it with a needle. Of course, you can poke the sausage. But seeping through the holes and is leaking juice. So I tried to do as little as possible of holes, so that the sausages turned out juicy.

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In the sleeve for baking, put the sausages, there too finely chop the bacon (to paplaujos, and the sausages are not burnt) and 3 tbsp of the water they were boiled in. Send all 30 minutes in the oven (200-220 degrees). Then carefully open the sleeve and another 10 minutes letting them brown.
We were eating piping hot! Bon appetit!