Grilled zucchini with feta and mint

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The purpose of this holiday of summer vegetable You decide: warm salad, hot or cold side dish, light dinner, anything is possible. This dish perfectly combines sweet crispy zucchini with salty feta cheese, cool mint and rich flavor of sun-dried tomatoes. Sun-dried tomatoes, you can easily substitute chopped fresh tomatoes, as long as they were very ripe and delicious.

Ingredients for Grilled zucchini with feta and mint

Step by step instruction of cooking Grilled zucchini with feta and mint

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Let us start to zucchini: wash, cut off both ends and cut into fairly large slices/cubes. Fold in a large container, very carefully add salt and pepper, pour 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil and skip through the press a clove of garlic (it is possible and without it). Mix gently.

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Preheat a dry grill pan on high heat and fry, turning over the slices of zucchini until Golden stripes. The vegetables should remain very crisp, do not overdo, otherwise it will turn into a nasty mess. It takes me literally 3-4 minutes per batch. To fold into a suitable dish.

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For the filling finely chop the sundried tomatoes (or fresh), crumble feta, chop the greens. Squeeze the juice of half a million and grate the zest (of course, the lemon must be pre-washed in warm water with a brush). Add a teaspoon of good olive oil, some freshly ground pepper and mix well.

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The dressing slide are arranged on the zucchini, mix at the table. The dish is also very tasty cold. Bon appetit!