The black currant jam

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Offer a recipe of jam from the black currant. As we have it is ripe, step-by-step photos will not. Just who lives in a warmer climate you might want to try. Website like not found like. The fact is that if the currants cook like a regular jam, berries are bad mushy and harsh. A friend taught this recipe and for several years now so I cook. Gentle, thick, more like jam. Well, at least cooking - more vitamins preserved. Perfectly stored.

Ingredients for The black currant jam

Step by step instruction of cooking The black currant jam

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The ingredients written on one serving.How much to do, decide for yourself.
So! Take berries, add water and half of the sugar. As the boil-boil for 7 minutes, then add the rest of sugar and cook for another 5 minutes. Everything is ready. In jars and in the cellar. Enjoy your tea!