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Tomato soup with chickpeas

Tomato soup with chickpeas

I want to offer you a very delicious and delicate soup. It has a rich vegetable flavor with a light walnut finish. I've found a very similar soup recipe from Pillsbury inna 2107, but still dare to write your own version, because almost of the same products are obtained with two completely different texture and taste of the soup.

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Ingredients for Tomato soup with chickpeas

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Tomato soup with chickpeas

Step 1

To start the chickpeas soak in water overnight. In the morning drain the water, pour the soaked chickpeas 1 liter of water and boil until fully cooked, the chickpeas should be very soft. I took it about 2 hours When the chickpeas are fully prepared - the water is drained again.

Step 2

In a small amount of vegetable oil to fry chopped garlic, onions and carrots.

Step 3

Then to the vegetables add the seeded and chopped bell pepper, fry all together minute 7.

Step 4

Pour into the pan broth (can be vegetable or chicken), add the prepared chickpeas, fried vegetables and cook for 15 minutes In the end add fresh herbs, grind the soup and add salt to taste. The soup is very good with garlic croutons!