Candy "Mozart"

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A symbol of Austria are candy "Mozart" or "Mozharovskii balls" /verbatim/. They were created by the Salzburg confectioner Paul fürst in 100 years after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was recognized as an outstanding composer. For a long time and did them manually, why not try us.

Ingredients for Candy "Mozart"

Step by step instruction of cooking Candy "Mozart"

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This photo is from the official website of the company Furst, pushed me on the recipe.
All the products are familiar to us, but instead hard take almonds.

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To combine the almond flour ,powdered sugar with protein add the liqueur, vanilla and knead the mass as the clay.
In detail how to make almond and pistachio ground / marzipan/ here:

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Almond bulk roll sausage ,cut into same size pieces, roll into balls. The same number of balls smaller in size, roll out the pistachio mass in the fridge for a half hour or an hour.
Flatten, in the middle, the stuffing, again, roll into a ball.

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Chocolate melt in a water bath or in the microwave and then put each ball on a toothpick and dip in chocolate.

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On a flight of fancy...
As a filling you can take the ganache /in proportion 1v1 cream, chocolate/roll into balls, chill. Wrap in marzipan, roll into a ball. Dip it in milk chocolate, in the freezer and in the end in melted white chocolate.
Or other filling - caramel of toffee...very good....
By varying the liquor - to a series of tastes...
Pictures with cuts and descriptions of the chocolates will tell and will inspire you to create exquisite musical masterpieces .

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Bon appetit!