The dessert "Strawberry summer"

71 - 120 минут 2 порции

Very strawberry, very creamy, very summery dessert!

Ingredients for The dessert "Strawberry summer"

Step by step instruction of cooking The dessert "Strawberry summer"

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Immediately apologize for step-by-step photos taken in very low light.
First, rinse the strawberries, remove the stems. Then blend with the sugar using a blender.

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Then add water, add gelatin. Leave for 1 hour for swelling.

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Then heating (not boiling). Pour into kremanku. Put in refrigerator for freezing.

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Here is our strawberry frozen.

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Now take here are wafer rolls, broken into small pieces and spread over the entire surface.

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Like this!

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Then decorate with whipped cream.... Not sparing them! I have dry whipped cream, whipped with milk.